Climate Control systems
is there an actual system for controlling the climate in my piano?
Pianos are made primarily from wood, which expands and contracts with exposure to different levels of humidity, as noted in my article Why Does My Piano Go Out Of Tune.  Any part of a piano that is made of wood will be affected by this and, as a result of fluctuating humidity, the soundboard may develop cracks, parts of the action may swell and move oddly and, most importantly, the "Pin block" which is a block of wood, into which the tuning pins are inserted, can develop cracks that will prevent the instrument from ever holding a tuning again and rendering it useless. 

Several years ago I came across the Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System which is basically a humidifier/dehumidifier that is installed directly into the piano. This creates a sort of micro-climate on the inside of the instrument, with a humidistat to control how much or little humidity the piano receives. 

Installation of this system needs to be when the instrument is in GOOD condition. It is not a repair for a piano that has suffered irreparable damage already. This simple but ground-breaking technology is, in my opinion, optimum at preventing irreparable damage and keeping the instrument in top performance tune & condition.

Prices include Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System unit and installation (taxes not included):
Upright: $525   Grand: $650

It's a small price to pay to protect your investment. 

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